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IT Consulting and planning Service
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IT Consulting and planning Service



IT consulting planning, program design is used to help customers clear its enterprise IT strategy, business process and management requirements.Provide reengineering strategy for enterprises to achieve the transformation of new business model process, provide IT building strategy consulting which meet future business growth needs.To support the company's future business development needs by Formulating the overall IT strategy and development roadmap.Construction planning for the enterprise IT direction with third-party professional, rigorous professional attitude.

By virtue of the consulting team which has strong technical strength, rich business experience and combination of management and technology. Teamnavi can provide professional consulting services in management consulting, the IT overall planning, enterprise information integration for enterprise.

Teamnavi's consulting business has distinctive features, is the combination of management and technical consulting services. Teamnavi has professional consultation team, the core team members have a wealth of business knowledge and management experience, understanding of the international advanced enterprise management concepts and methods. Can provide enterprises with advanced, strong maneuverability business management consulting in the MDM master data management, system integration and data integration.


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